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Entry #2

I won't be posting all my art to the portal anymore

2017-07-14 16:21:22 by Wafflesmash

I won't be posting all of my art in the art portal anymore because I usually think it's good enough to post in general, but a lot of it doesn't exactly shine amongst the other drawings you see next to them, and I'm already kinda embarrassed that I posted some not-so-good art to it already. So from now on, I will only post to the art portal what I think is good enough to post there. So if you see that I'm not posting much, I probably am, just to my profile.


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2017-07-14 18:02:02

It shouldn't matter whether your art is "good enough" or "not so good". This is a place where you shouldn't be expected to be 100% perfect. This is a place to show your effort and have fun.

Wafflesmash responds:

Very true, but I don't want to be an annoyance by making everyone look at my cruddy art, and I still have plenty of fun drawing everything.