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i lov zero

Zet92 responds:

Impossible not to ^^

you the man

sanstrongstyles responds:

Lol, thnx

dude your artstyle is so goddang glorious, lookin like those god tier marvel vs capcom sprites, but with its own flair, top notch stuff

sanstrongstyles responds:

Thnx Waffle, much ppreciated!

I like this. I just got into medabots and I found out 90% of the franchise isnt in english, but this art cheers me up

rodyoki responds:

thanks! yeah it is a shame. Either you must wait for someone to release an english patch or to learn japanese

I like it but I dont see it super resembling toriyama's art, mainly because of the eyes. still neat!

Chdonga responds:

Thanks for the review! It's inspired by Dragon Quest enemies rather than Dragonball characters so the resemblance isn't immediate.

can't stop coming back to this for some reason, really great work.

cashumeru responds:

lol i appreciate it, makes me happy i put in the effort i did :)

idk who this character is but i wanna eat everything in the drawing

DreaminErryDay responds:

Her name is Honey, she's from the anime Space Dandy. she works at chain restaurants that are essentially Hooters in Space

Your art is improving SO much. This looks really nice, good colors and the highlights look pretty cool. Again, i see really big improvement when i go through your art.

Oddlem responds:

YOO, thank you very much!!

super cute! love all these colors and lines man. the sleepin one looks like a yoshi egg but is the other one of the electic koopas from mario sunshine? or did I get both 100% wrong

mogy64 responds:

thanks! and yeah you got both of em right!

I dont hate this game either! :) the aesthetics were top notch and the gameplay was fun. it had issues and probably hurt mega man because stupid dumb dummy heads see it as a mega man, but it wasn't awful.

Anyway, fantastic drawing. your choice of colors and lighting are pleasing hues that aren't too bright or dull, and the line art is clean and satisfying. 5 stars!

mogy64 responds:

yeah ill always think one of its biggest problems is being "megaman" when its not, but oh well.
thank you! been focusing on traditional for a while so its been throwing me off having a trillion colors on digital again lol



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